Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition

Reboot Dante crashes DMC4

This mod replaces Dante with his reboot version
Get the mod HERE

Budokai OST Boss Battles

This mod replaces the boss battle music with OSTs from Budokai
Get the mod HERE

Japanese Dub

This mod makes the voices in the game Japanese.  
NOTE: If you happen to stumble upon some English please notify Nax.
モッズを取得 HERE
(The Japanese should translate into "Get the mod")

Announcement Trailer

This mod replaces the intro with the announcement trailer of the game.
Get the mod HERE

Dark Demon Lord Dante

This mod replaces Vergil with dark demon lord Dante
Get the mod HERE

Coming-Soon Mods

Fallen Nero (Vergil Mod)

In the not too distant future Nero has begun to follow the path of his father. Straying more and more to the side of demon he has mastered his fathers sword and now possesses his own devil trigger. Now no one can stand in his way.


  1. NICE! These are super fun to play with! :D

  2. Wow, those are really impressive mods. Specially the Japanese dub one.

    One question, do you mind if I publish it on the game's guides for Steam? Giving you full credit for it, of course.

  3. how to do the DmC skin mod Dante??.. :3